Item #19461 Bullock's Troopial: Plate #218 from Birds of America. John J. Audubon.

Bullock's Troopial: Plate #218 from Birds of America

1856. Second royal octavo edition. The royal octavo edition of Birds of America as first published in 1840-44, and was followed by several more editions. This plate is from the second edition, published in 1856, distinct for the colored backgrounds. They are also a little different in that one species is pictured rather than a grouping of birds. This work was done to make Audubon's prints, highly in demand, more affordable for the general public. These hand colored lithographs were printed by J. T. Bowen. This plate still has the tissue guard. Very good +. Item #19461

This plate shows the adult and juvenile male, and the female on a branch of Caprifolium Flavum.

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